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Tifosi Performance is proud to offer minor and major fabrication work for all modern and vintage road and race cars. Our staff has years of experience in working on and developing street, performance and racing cars, regardless of where your passion lies. If it is a street car you want to take to the next level with track inspired performance, or it is a specific class you want to compete in, or just a weekend driver you want to make better, we are here to help! We bring our extensive background and high standards to each one of your projects. We are currently accepting street and race cars from Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Lotus.
Specializing in all modern performance automobiles, Tifosi can enhance cars from Caymans to Corvettes, and vintage Shelby Mustangs to GT3 Cup Cars.

Tifosi Performance services include:

  • Mechanical repair and restorations: engine, gearbox, suspension

  • Electrical upgrades: From wiring repairs to complete chassis re-wiring.

  • Chassis and Body restoration: We repair and restore aluminum body work,,composite panels, and fiberglass.

  • Track Preparation: Whether it is your first track weekend, to the final race in a hard fought series, we can provide “arrive and drive” service to basic track side support.

  • We offer full fabrication, welding and machining services


Tifosi Performance can help with performance tuning of Porsche, Audi, Ferrari as well as Mustangs and Corvette automobiles. Tifosi Performance works with today’s leading tuning equipment from worldwide automotive technology leaders and customizes them to suit your goals. We offer installation of performance-related parts and equipment, and we engineer, develop and manufacture our own small line of track oriented products for Corvettes.

Tifosi Performance installs and tunes standalone engine management systems from Motec, Link, AIM and FAST. Tifosi Performance partners with two facilities to offer state of the art chassis dynamometer services. We offer a controlled environment and proper airflow to simulate all road and race conditions. Our goal for you is a properly calibrated tune whether you are running a stock style ECU or a sand-alone ECU.

Tifosi Performance offers a concierge service based around a driver’s particular needs for each project. Our staff is trained and well-versed in the needs of a particular driver and his or her intended use of the vehicle. Unlike most shops that sell parts out of a catalogue, Tifosi Performance technicians have firsthand experience with the products, services and results involved around each vehicle modification. With our racing background, there is a good chance we have seen parts and upgrades put under the duress of competition on track; let us bring that knowledge to your next project to help you take your automobile to the next level!

Alignment Services

Whether your car is stock and in need of alignment, or your car has been lowered and you need to ensure it is aligned properly to minimize tire wear, Tifosi Performance technicians will get the suspension geometry into perfect specification, be it factory or custom, without any problems.

The level of knowledge and training that our techs possess when it comes to suspension work is making Tifosi Performance the facility that many street and track enthusiasts in North Texas send their alignment work to. For those customers who require more track-oriented alignments, Tifosi Performance’s racing department offers specialized care and expertise including setting rake, adjusting ride height, corner balancing and more.

Corner Balancing

TIFOSI PERFORMANCE offers competition corner balancing and chassis setup for race cars and road cars which are equipped with coil over type adjustable suspensions. Corner balancing is a key component in improving your vehicles handling a proper corner balance will optimize the vehicles handling characteristics while also improving the vehicles balance. A corner balance is a simple and effective way to get the most out of your vehicles handling performance.

Electrical Services

TIFOSI PERFORMANCE offers custom electrical work including the building of custom chassis and engine harnesses for engine swaps, race cars, and telemetry such as in- car video systems for driver coaching and more.

TIFOSI PERFORMANCE also handles electronic traction control, launch control, antilag integration, standalone ECUs, and custom dash systems from Motec, AIM, and Bosch Motorsport.

TIFOSI PERFORMANCE does custom race electronics for modern and vintage on or off-road vehicles from sprint to endurance racing, with a focus on getting you the performance and data you need in your unique driving environment. We specialize in several vehicle platforms:

  • Modern day Porsches, BMWs, Ferraris, Corvettes, and McLarens.

  • BMW M3 club racing or pro racing configurations

  • TIFOSI PERFORMANCE is a dealer of : MCS, Motec, StopTech, PFC, AIM, and more

  • TIFOSI PERFORMANCE is a proud to be a dealer for GIAC and Cobb Tuning

Tifosi Performance
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