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F150 EcoBoost

f150 Ecoboost

Tifosi Performance is your F150 EcoBoost performance upgrade destination in the DFW area, Texas, and nationwide. We develop packages that include custom performance and tow tuning, upgraded turbos, performance exhaust manifolds, downpipes, and exhaust systems that are curtailed to your build specifications.

We do this while maintaining a realistic goal, incorporating smart durable enhancements, all under the blanket of subtle and quiet.

In addition, we can help you address all the common failure points of the F150 EcoBoost engine from plugs and coils, to bypass solenoid failures (boost flutter), all the way to Variable Cam Timing (Phaser) and timing chain replacement. We are well versed in all aspects of EcoBoost maintenance, repair, and performance.  

Contact us for your custom build needs and pricing information.

F150 EcoBoost & V8

Performance Builds


Tifosi Performance
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