F150 Ecoboost

f150 Ecoboost

F150 Ecoboost


Tifosi Performance is your F150 EcoBoost performance upgrade destination in Fort Worth and in Texas! If you are ready to see what twin turbos can reliably do in your F150, come see us. We have put together a great package, to include upgraded Borg Warner OEM turbos, Tifosi ported exhaust manifolds, Tifosi ported turbo outlet adapters, performance downpipes, and a custom tune to make your EcoBoost whistle (if you'd like) and haul!  Stay tuned for our new catback exhaust system that will outperform everything on the market and will make all the other Ecoboost exhausts "sound" obsolete.  EXPECTED RELEASE DATE: TBD

The stock Ecoboost is rated at 365hp and 420lb/ft of torque at the crankshaft. Our package, with upgraded turbos, takes you to a reliable 470rwhp, 525lb/ft of torque. We do this while maintaining a very realistic goal, incorporating smart durable enhancements, all under the blanket of subtle and quiet. And isn't that the reason you love the F150 platform to start with? It is quiet enough you can take your girlfriend or wife out to dinner, yet pull past any turbo diesel or BMW 3 series that you need to.  

In addition, we can help you address all the common failure points of the F150 EcoBoost engine from plugs and coils, to bypass solenoid failures (boost flutter), all they way to Variable Cam Timing (Phaser) and timing chain replacement. We've done it all! Let us know how we can help you!

We also take care of all your other truck modification needs: wheels, lift kits, lighting, alignments, upfitter switches, custom gauges, vinyl wraps, think of us for all your F150 needs!  

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