Tifosi LS3 Camaro
Tifosi LS3 Camaro

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Tifosi LS3 Camaro
Tifosi LS3 Camaro

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Tifosi LS3 Camaro
Tifosi LS3 Camaro

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Tifosi LS3 Camaro
Tifosi LS3 Camaro

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LS3 Camaro


LS3 Crate Engine, includes the ASA Cam (.525 lift Intake/Exhaust), 226/236 Duration Intake/Exhaust, 110LSA. The engine is rated at 540hp and with the future full exhaust, it will make every bit of that.


Tremec TR-6060 Transmission


American Powertrain Hydramax hydraulic clutch kit with all the custom wiring required for clutch interlock, reverse lockout (yes) and skip shift (no)


Lakewood Quicktime safety bellhousing


Vintage Air AC System including the control panel conversion kit to update the dashboard (originally a on AC Car)


MSD LS Ignition Control


SPAL custom dual fans an d integrated thermostat relay control


Russell Complete Fuel System for Carbureted Engines: Includes Edelbrock 1000HP 1792 electric fuel pump, fed by a custom 1/2 inch in tank pickup, and mounted to a custom bracket in front of the gas tank and hidden completely. Edelbrock Fuel Pressure Regulator 1727 again mounted clean and custom behind the carburetor. Plumbed with -8 fuel line.  Edelbrock Fuel Pump Relay 1795 kit.


Holley LS Accessory Drive Bracket Kit 20-134.


New Energy Suspension bushings (body and suspension)

New Brake Master Cylinder


Fixed or replaced various old electrical connectors/lights/switches etc that were just aged out and or not working in including the fuel gauge, headlight switch, parking brake lamps, and the windshield wipers.


Carburetor Fast idle Solenoid


Wheel refinishing, new Toyo Proxes R1R 200 Treadwear rated tires.


Front end alignment


Every nut/bolt/fastener/adjuster/balljoint/bushing/coupler/insulator in the front suspension removed, the entire front end was sandblasted and powdercoated black, then reassembled with all new parts


Extensive wire wrapping/harness repair/heat sleeve and rewiring including battery cables


Silicone oil and coolant hoses


Custom heater and AC line routing (in the fender) for clean install.


Engine Timing control wiring extended and hidden in front fender.


New Hood insulation and emblems


Removed the entire interior, removed patch panels from the transmission tunnel, cut out the old repaired section, and welded in properly and sealed a new OEM Replacement trans tunnel.


The entire interior was sprayed with Lizard Skin sound control arrier to make the car more pleasant to drive


All new 12 bolt Moser axle housing, black powerdercoated,  (previous one was bent and cracked), to go with the 3.73 Posi and Moser axles already installed.


Billet Steel Flywheel (168Tooth)

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